1.How much is shipping?

Shipping charges are BD 2 per delivery

2.What is your returns policy?

Once purchased, we cannot accept returns. However, if a product has a defect that could be covered by warranty, for example, a perfume bottle that stops spraying perfume, maybe returned and exchanged for a new product. This policy may apply to certain products but not all. Please call us with any problems.

3.I want to sell my products through your site, what can I do?

We would love to speak with you and get to know you and your products. Please call us on +973 66337828

4.What if my product arrives damaged or in not a good condition?

You would be under no obligation to purchase a product which is defective. Please return it and just state the reason for the return

5.Do you deliver outside Bahrain?

We deliver within Bahrain and to Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.

6.What payment options are available?

We offer cash on delivery options. So you pay us cash when you receive the delivery. Should you wish to pay by credit card, our delivery personnel will soon start carrying credit card machines and you can swipe your cards